ExPurged is a guild on Ragnaros-EU. We started back up in January 2021
The guild has members from all over Europe (majority of the members are Scandinavian), but we stick to English on the guild chat and discord.

Current focus

Progress towards CE

The guild goals:

Progressing on mythic. We are not a Hardcore guild, but we want to see how far we can push mythic to improve as a Guild. The progress and team is getting stronger every day, we have decided that we want to aim for CE. We will always put in the effort and aim for progress and hopefully bring this guild to the next lvl!

We also want to create a social active guild that puts effort into having a healthy community.

The Raid times

We have 2 main raid days. wednesday and sunday at 19.30 - 22.30 server time (+2 GMT summertime) we are running hc or achievement runs on thursday using this as an optional raid day for everyone to join, with a low bar for new players and alts.

Signups are done on discord.

We expect from you:

What to expect from us:

Raid loot (loot council)

We are going to use loot council during DF.

For more info or questions please add:

GM-Hakowan: Aksel#1741 on Discord

RL-Dopp: Rakhal#9142 on Discord